Tesseract Society memo to all agents.

Clearance level on the Thunder Files and Blackwolf Protocols reduced from Alpha to General.  

The Blackwolf Protocols

tumblr_o0gjfwlfqe1qezh7wo1_1280(Current instance of TS-1942-R6-B [Redacted] days after becoming host to TS-1942-R6-A. )


You are being granted access to these files to show how important it is to not take for granted or underestimate any Society Assets, no matter how thoroughly under control or sedated they may seem.  Do not forget: strict adherence to protocol, no matter how inane it may seem is the only way we keep these things in check.   

All documents pertaining to the Blackwolf Protocols have been declassified from Alpha to General clearance for training purposes; where possible files related to the The Thunder Files and Blackwolf Protocols will be declassified as well.  

These files are  mandatory reading for all Tesseract Society Personnel by order of the Administrator.

-The Coordinator

Related files: 

Asset Designation: TS-1942-R6 (The Muse)



TS-1942-R6-B Reacquisition report


R6-B was contained by agents [Redacted] and [Redacted] wearing 764-S5-A Codename: Plaguenurse and 764-S5-C Codename: Gasmask.  Plaguenurse discovered him in an unnamed alley near [Redacted]. As per Dr. J[Redacted]’s hypothesis R6-B appears to have lost consciousness due to a severe fever.  The two of them were able to bring him back to containment.  Per Benefactor’s instructions [Insufficient Clearance level] .  


R6-B is currently in observing room 3 unrestrained.  Due to his severe fever he was placed in an ice bath.  He has not been medicated nor has he been otherwise treated with any sedative as per [Insufficient Clearance level].  While still unconscious, his temperature appears to have dropped.  


All items found on his person were left in Observing Room 3 as per [Insufficient Clearance level].  Dr. J[Redacted] began voicing concerns about denying R6-B full medical treatment and was reminded of [Insufficient Clearance level].  At this point Dr. J[Redacted] was given a direct order to leave Observing Room 3 by [Expunged from all records], at which point he attempted to leave the room.  As he reached the door it appeared that he became unable to move his legs even through great effort.  He stopped suddenly looked at [Expunged from all records] and his eyes rolled back into the back of his head and [Redacted]will pay.”  At this point the doctor fell into convulsions on the ground at which point he was sedated and taken to [Redacted].


R6-B showed no movement and has yet to regain consciousness, although it appears that his fever has dropped.

TS-1942-R6-B Directive



In the last video (https://youtu.be/u07CJVHCWfE) posted to his Thunder Files video channel R6-B (Blackwolf) demonstrated several security concerns.

1) R6-B released an unfinished version of one of the anomalous songs that he is not finished writing. The song is believed to be called [Redacted]. A title with disconcerting implications considering asset [Redacted] has been misplaced. With these anomalous songs, until each word is placed correctly the effects are impossible to control. We need to assure no more such leaks are possible.

2) R6-B showed distinct knowledge of asset TS-1807-N4 (the nurses) and video footage of the same.  How he was able to do this remains unknown as well as how R6-B continues to elude their grasp.

3) In the video R6-B is shown once again in the house of Tesseract operative and facility manager Dr. J[Redacted] who was R6-B’s psychiatrist while he was under Tesseract control. R6-B was seen wearing a trenchcoat belonging to Dr. J[Redacted], a hat belonging to the doctor’s son, and around his neck a pocket watch that belonged to Dr. J[Redacted]’s father.  Due to R6-B’s knowledge of voodoo it is hypothesized the the subject is using belongings from 3 generations of a family to attempt [Redacted].

Due to the nature and severity of these security concerns and fear of losing the asset during termination of R6-B we have approved the implementation of The Blackwolf Protocol.

To report sightings of R6-B or Blackwolf to the Tesseract Society non Society personnel are to be given this number: (615) 669-2259.

Further information regarding the Blackwolf Protocol will be distributed upon successful capture and reaquisition of the asset.

Dictated and read by The Administrator for immediate dissemination to all Tesseract personnel

Communications cease overide

To all TS-1942-R6 assigned agents and operatives.

Effective immediately the communications blackout regarding TS-1942-R6 and all sub assets is terminated by order of the Administrator.  Further research into previous instances has shown a marked improvement in interactions with R6-B when there is the appearance of transparency.  As the current instance of R6-B has shown a marked increase in aggressive tendencies following recent events if we can not bring the anomaly back into asset status by [Clearance level Alpha required] we will be forced to enact Project: TS-1942-R6-B-009: The Blackwolf Protocol.

Letter to Blackwolf


I write you not as your doctor. Not as an agent of the Tesseract Society. Not as a man who has made mistakes, which I will admit that I have. I come to you as a father.

Please, leave our families out of this.  I know you feel like you have been wronged.  I know that you think we have persecuted and punished you for no reason.

Please I urge you to contact us and we shall give you your book and the rest of your belongings.

You think our missions are at odds, but I disagree.  If we speak I feel certain I can convince you otherwise.  You have gaps in your memory, I have some of the missing pieces.

One last thing if you know anything at all about the Society you know that I am barely more than a pawn in this house of cards.  We do nothing without blessing from the Queen. Ask yourself: Who is your Benefactor?



P.S. You are not alone:

Report of Break In at Dr. J[Redacted]’s residence

The latest video from R6-B has been visually confirmed to be at Dr. J[Redacted]’s house. The good doctor reported this break in like a good citizen, until it became clear that this was related to the TS-1942-R6-B fiasco.   What follows is a partial police report and evidence from the scene.


Memo to the Administrator

There’s no good way to say this, but he has access to our redacted files.

I don’t want to cause any problems with the higher ups, but I’m at a loss for how to proceed here.   Asset has yet to make it clear if he is going to perform February, 20th 2016.  We may need to proceed to drastic measures to ensure our benefactor’s demands are met.

-The Jabberwock